EU project Diaspora

Abu Sebastian
Martin Salinga

RWTH University in Aachen, Germany

With 260 institutes in nine faculties, RWTH Aachen University is among the leading European scientific and research institutions.

More than 40,000 students are enrolled in 144 study programs, 40 professors teach in the Physics Department.

Researchers at the I. Institute of Physics work in the field of solid-state physics specializing on the physics of new materials.

The research team led by Martin Salinga investigates the dynamics of resistively switching materials and their application in novel electronics.


IBM Research - Zurich in Rueschlikon, Switzerland

The IBM Research - Zurich Laboratory is one of twelve research centers worldwide, focusing on R&D for computer hard- and software.

300 employees are organized into three technical departments.

The Laboratory concentrates its know-how on designing computing systems from small chips (transistors, memory cells) up to high-level system architecture and software design.

Recently it was complemented by the state-of-the-art Binnig and Rohrer Nanotechnology Center.

  Partnership RWTH and IBM Research Zurich